Diabetes and irregular life style The technological advancement of time and age has made the life of human more tough and difficult to deal with. The work pressure has almost ruined the healthy lifestyle. Men simply don’t have enough time for a healthy wholesome four course meal or eight hoursRead More →

Maintaining your health Healthy options of whole grain foods and plenty of exercise can be the best answer for staying strong for a longer period of time. Few of the exercises need to be selected wisely and can be instrumental in retaining your youthfulness. There are experts who will adviseRead More →

Man’s struggle with the diseases Humans should enjoy their life to the fullest, they are the most blessed creatures in the planet and thus have gained the right to feel and treasure every moment of their life. Unfortunately, this is not the case always, sometimes men are down with illness,Read More →

Get close to home remedies There are medicines for every common ailment these days. There’s always a way to cure them all with these chemicals some of which may come with serious side effects. Adding to the problem is the hassle and expense that’s involved in the manufacture and finallyRead More →

Sugars are not always sweet The alarming increase of diabetes is of serious concern. You don’t have to be in your 50’s or 60’s to be examined for being diabetic. Young children nowadays are equally suffering with this problem. Diabetes has almost become a serious health problem for every otherRead More →

Abstract Thanks to initiatives since 1994, most reproductive health programmes for refugee women now include family planning and safe delivery care. Emergency contraception and post-abortion care for complications of unsafe abortion are recommended, but provision of these services has lagged behind, while services for women who wish to terminate anRead More →

Abstract This paper describes a telephone helpline on sexuality based in NewDelhi, India, and analyses the language used by the men and women who have phoned the helpline to talk about sex and their experience of their bodies and their sexuality. Eight out of ten callers are men and manyRead More →

8 April 2015 Making depathologisation a matter of law: Statement from Global Action for Trans* Equality on the Maltese Act on Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics A week ago Malta passed the Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics (GIGESC) Act, which encompasses, in a new and radicalRead More →