Home remedies or Natural remedies which one would you prefer?

Maintaining your health

Healthy options of whole grain foods and plenty of exercise can be the best answer for staying strong for a longer period of time. Few of the exercises need to be selected wisely and can be instrumental in retaining your youthfulness. There are experts who will advise you on whether to take up home remedies or natural remedies. The prevention advisor of Integrative medicine centre Arizona asks you to be sure of your diet before making any modifications to the present diet. It is better to consider the advice of your doctor to fit the dosages according to your needs.

Instances for home remedies

There are various instances of either home remedies or natural remedies. Acetyl carnitine and alpha lipoic acids form a really good combination increasing mitochondrial efficiency in cells. It forms the supplement for inadequate energy. 200-400mg of the supplements is required daily on an average. Rhodiola herb is also recommended.

It plays a vital role in resisting the different body stresses and increases the energy. A standard dose of 100-400mg is necessary. Joint wear is supplemented by chondroitin and glucosamine. According to a popular research such chemicals are required in easing arthritis pain of cartilages and preventing eventual joint damage. Other similar substances help improving the synthesis of collagen and consolidate joints. It is required twice daily in small dosages.

Turmeric can supplement dementia. It limits the plaque formation in the brain. It is often related to Alzheimer’s disease. Normal extracts of 2-3 doses a day is essential. Fish Oils on the other hand prevents the interruption of nerve cell synthesis by fats. Extremely small doses are generally prescribed.

Instances of natural remedies

Coenzyme and magnesium are the supplements for heart diseases. The anti oxidizing property of the coenzyme retains the proper functioning of blood vessels and heart muscle. It also prevents the accumulation of cholesterol on arterial walls. Regulation of blood pressure reduces heart problems as well. Calcium and vitamin D supplements weak bones. Daily calcium requirements demand high quality eating includes green vegetables and nutrient foods. Cholecalciferol and calcium citrate are prescribed in extremely small quantities. Chestnut seeds and grape seed extract provide the required medication for varicose veins. It prevents the enzymes from damaging the capillary walls. Certain anti-oxidants help retain the elasticity of the blood vessels.

Home versus natural remedies

As far as the debate of home remedies or natural remedies is concerned, both are extremely important in our lives. While home remedies are an easy medication procedure, natural remedies are also useful. Both of them have their own uses and are required in minor quantities to cure the illnesses. The success rate of the natural techniques has caused them to be very popular among the various medicinal brands. In spite of the application of the natural procedures, it has become less common. People are increasingly resorting to medicines that contain harmful chemical substances. These products are responsible for the increase in health issues which come up as a side effect.

The home remedies on the other hand are easy to use. All that you need to do is to follow the doctor’s advice. The instructions executed minutely and attentively will lead to the implementation of the home remedies. Such methods are easy to follow and can be quickly applied at the time of emergency. Both the methods have their own positives and negatives. So it is better to have a flexible outlook towards both home or natural remedies using both of them as and when required.